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Live in Maryland? Try the Maryland Preventive Dentistry Program. A reduced fee dental program established in 1993 (works like an HMO but costs you only a fraction of an HMO) and representing a group of over 200 dentists committed to reducing dental costs for those not having traditional dental insurance.


Annual Checkups for only $5.00 with FREE individual x-rays. Annual Cost? Only $59.00 individual and $99.00 Family. Includes Orthodontic benefits, too.


Remember what a toothache feels like? Do you need another one before you take action? Sign up for something today - anything!!! - and finally enjoy healthy teeth. Get the smile you've always wanted. Immediate Coverage! Yes - today! Individual & Group.

Everyone, including us, offer dental programs to individuals and not dental insurance. Just why can't you get dental insurance?

Why is that?Just why can't you get dental insurance since that's what we would all want in an ideal situation? If we had individual dental insurance the way most people would like to have it, it would mean that you and I could go to any dentist, at any time, and get any work done that we wanted. And, we could relax about the bill because we would know that the insurance company was going to pick up some, or all, of the dentist's bill so that our final cost for each procedure was going to be quite reasonable.

That's the kind of insurance we'd all like to have available to us at a reasonable cost. Or, at ANY cost.You probably have not been able to find this dental insurance because insurance companies can't afford to give it to you. You may ask, "Why not? I had it at the last company I worked for and it was a pretty good deal."

Dental Insurance Plans Individual & Group. Offers individual, group and business dental insurance plans.The reason your ex-employer was able to provide dental insurance to you was because the insurance company was spreading the risk over a group of people instead of just focusing the policy on one person.So, why can't you get individual dental insurance? Low Cost Dentist Dental

Dental Insurance

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Look at it this way, the insurance company provides a group policy to your employer who has, lets say, ten employees. There are serious limitations on how many people your ex-employer could exclude from the group. Basically, the insurance company told your employer that he had to pay a large portion of the premium each month AND he had to provide it for all ten employees.Dental Insurance You ask why and the answer is not as simple as just having a larger premium for the insurance company to collect.

Instead, by forcing the employer to enroll the entire group the insurance company knows that the monthly premium they are going to collect is larger, true, but also, most of the employees simply are not going to use the coverage even though the employer is going to pay their premium anyway.

The employer is going to be paying premiums for every employee but the insurance company is only going to be putting out money for a couple of them.Ugly fact of life: most people don't go to the dentist on a regular basis. Dental Insurance Lots of people wait until they have a toothache and then just have the offending tooth pulled. On the other hand, there's also a percentage of people blessed with extraordinay teeth that seem to never have problems with them or they just plain take extra good care of them.

Individual Dental Insurance

In either case, they seldom go to the dentist.For the most part then, the insurance company is collecting monthly premiums on lots of people who will seldom, sometimes never, actually use the insurance. Pretty good racket, huh? Collect insurance premiums on people you know are never going to collect on the policy.

The bottom line then is if the employer is paying $25.00 per employee times the ten employees for a $250.00 monthly premium cost and only 3 employees will actually use it each year, then the effective monthly premium the insurance company is collecting is really over $80.00 per month for each employee! And that's just to cover the employee. We haven't even addressed the cost of family coverage. purchase dental insurance,buy dental program,signup for individual supplemental,buy today dental plans, individual dental, group dental,dental coverage

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Another way to say this is that monthly premium cost (for those that are going to use the coverage) is really $80.00 per month. So, if the insurance company were to offer you the same coverage it would be $80.00 per month plus, since they knew you wouldn't be buying the coverage if you didn't intend to use it immediately, they'd tack on an extra $50.00 per month surcharge to cover the higher than normal utilization they would expect from you.Who in the world would pay well over $100.00 per month for dental insurance? The answer is virtually no one.

So, with no real individual non-group market for the dental insurance company they just don't bother offering it. health, dental, insurance, dental insurance, dentists, dentistry, dental plans

Buy a dental program membership. It's your dentist's way of saying,

"OK, I can't lower my charges across the board for everyone but I will lower it for people who don't have dental insurance and are serious enough about their dental health that they'll make a one year committment to ongoing dental care."

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